BehaviourWatch: User Highlights April

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Keeping your term dates updated is vital to make sure your data is being logged correctly.

Did you know?

Monthly BehaviourWatch Webinar

We are running monthly live Webinars covering different aspects of BehaviourWatch and SchoolPod. Next month, we will be covering Creating and Managing Timetables. During this 45-minute webinar, we will explore how to create and manage your school timetables, from setting up classes, subjects and locations, to scheduling your lessons and teaching staff. This session will include opportunities to ask questions throughout.

We will send out a registration link shortly, but you can save the date! – 24th of May, 2pm.

Customer Notices

Based on your feedback, we’ve found that some customers miss out on our regular communications. Customer Notices aims to resolve this by providing updates from within BehaviourWatch and SchoolPod. Some highlights of Customer Notices include:

  • A notifications bell in the top right indicates when there are new notices.
  • You can mark notices as read.
  • A notice image such as a megaphone to easily identify the type of notice.

We’re releasing the customer notices function very soon, so stay tuned to hear when!

BW User highlights April

System Slowdowns

We have found that some of our customers are reporting that when they perform advanced tasks within BehaviourWatch/SchoolPod that they are seeing slow down, causing a few pain points throughout the day. We are investigating this and working towards solutions urgently.

  • As we regularly back up your data, we’ve made key changes to ensure this doesn’t happen at peak usage times.
  • We’ve been making some of our reports more efficient, as well as giving them a modern look. Please check out the recent improvements we made to Behaviour Radar.
  • We’re updating some of our legacy infrastructure software and hardware, as well as running key database maintenance tasks.
  • There’s a new way for you to manage user access. Switching to Modular Access enables you to streamline your system visually, and speed it up. Please watch our VIDEO for more info.
  • Removing dashboard widgets you don’t use will improve your load-up times. This can be easily done using the Options Cog in the top right of your dashboard.
  • For SchoolPod Attendance users, data can be exported to some LAs and third-party software via Xporter or Wonde. We’ve amended the times that these exports take place to ensure they don’t impact on your daily usage.
  • Some slowdowns may be related to your school network. You can whitelist our website details in your firewall settings to ensure this isn’t slowing down your experience.
  • Seeing a ‘System Encountered an Error’ popup is going to be reduced following the above points. However, this may still happen when quickly accessing larger volumes of data. We recommend waiting for a page to finish loading before trying to use any buttons on it or moving to a new page.

Work will continue in the coming months to further improve performance, and we sincerely apologise for any system slowness in the meantime. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Training Bundles

Did you know we provide training bundles for BehaviourWatch and SchoolPod? The sessions are delivered online and can be completed one-to-one or for groups of people. If your staff members need some training or even a refresher on how to use the system, feel free to contact Roberta for more information at or 0116 296 0171.

Help Centre:

Please bookmark our support form for future reference so we can assist you as quickly as possible.