BehaviourWatch: User Highlights February

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Keeping your term dates updated is vital to make sure your data is being logged correctly.

Did you know?

Letter Manager visual improvements 

Our longstanding Letter Manager tool has had some very welcome tlc.  

  • New icons and a key so you can tell more clearly what’s a mail merge or letter. 
  • You now have locked headers when scrolling vertically. 
  • We’ve also scaled the layout to improve readability for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. 
  • In fact, we’ve enhanced a whole host of reports recently, and sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the changes! 

Letterboxing Slips

Users are able to manage access to their system’s slips in general through the Admin page within their BehaviourWatch or SchoolPod system. However, there are instances where permissions to particular slips require a little more nuance than simply “User X can see the slip, but User Y cannot.” For example, if your system uses a variation of a ‘Safeguarding’ slip, you may wish for all users to be able to see that slip’s tab so that they may log a concern, but you may want to restrict who can view and report on any completed slips. In these instances, it may be prudent to set up these slips with Letterbox restrictions.

When we Letterbox a slip, we simply link it to a new or existing ‘Group’ that has been set up in the Admin area of your system. From that point onwards, anybody with general access to the slip can complete a brand new entry, but their access will be limited beyond that, to the point that they cannot even see slips created by themselves. Once a slip has been Letterboxed, only users within the linked (or Letterboxed) group can do the following:

– View completed slips of that type.
– Draw reports based on the data held within the associated slip.
– Set up and receive Real-Time Notifications for any associated slips completed.

It is also important to note that Letters cannot be generated from slips that have been Letterboxed.

Should you wish to set up a new Letterbox slip, or manage an existing slip so that it is Letterboxed going forward, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team for further assistance!

Username reminders & Re-setting passwords  

Admin – User Logins is a very useful area for system admin users to become familiar with, and can help with a number of user-related queries – such as providing username reminders and re-setting user passwords.  

To provide a staff member with their username reminder sent securely via email, select the staff member from the list view using the checkbox to the left-hand side of their username, and then by selecting ‘Forgot Username’ from the ‘Action’ drop-down, which you can locate in the bottom left corner of the ‘User Logins’ page. When selected, this will then send an email to the user at the address listed to help provide this information to them.  

To reset passwords for staff members, a similar process can be followed by selecting the checkbox to the left side of their username, but this time by selecting ‘Reset Password’ from the ‘Action’ dropdown. Once selected, a text box will then appear to allow a temporary password to be input, and this should then be provided directly and securely to the staff member following this and will then allow them to log in. 

Training Bundles

Did you know we provide training bundles for BehaviourWatch and SchoolPod? The sessions are delivered online and can be completed one-to-one or for groups of people. If your staff members need some training or even a refresher on how to use the system, feel free to contact Roberta for more information. (please add contact details: / 0116 296 0171)

Help Centre:

Please bookmark our support form for future reference so we can assist you as quickly as possible. (Support form link –