BehaviourWatch: User Highlights November

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If you want to open BehaviourWatch in multiple tabs, you can do this by going on incognito and/or using multiple browsers.

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Report of the Week

League Table 
The ‘League Table’ is a useful tool to quickly get a visual on the ‘Top 10’ students within your school by volume of positive or negative behaviour slips received in a set time period. You are able to adjust the ‘Top’ total, as well as the ability to filter more specifically by a slip, year group/form and time period to really add value to your behaviour analysis.

Quiet Achievers 
Whilst a lot of reporting can be based around those with the most positive or negative slips, the ‘Quiet Achievers’ report is a great way of getting insight into those students who haven’t received a particular type of slip within the academic year. 

An example of this can be filtering by ‘Negative’ slips, and this will then present a list of all students who haven’t received a single ‘Negative’ slip within the filtered time period. This report can help to reach those students who may not be receiving the most ‘Positive’ slips in their form or year, but haven’t been getting any negatives logged against them at the same time, and can be a fantastic opportunity for reward – such as with an ‘End of Term’ award or certificate (we can also help to set up certificates if required!)



Is there a report that shows my pupil premium attendance as a group? 


Attendance / Authorisation Breakdown by student is the best bet in this case. In the bottom left of this screen you will want to click on filter, and in the centre of this screen you will be able to hit Elements > Category > Pupil Premium. Upon hitting Go on the bottom of your screen you will be returned to the report. This can also be further tweaked with dates and other details. 


How can I report on a particular group such as SEN? 


You can set this up by creating a ‘Category’ and adding the relevant students to it. You can then just filter the reports by the category, narrowing the data to just that Category of students.   

To set up a category, you would need to go to Admin > ‘School Structure’ > Categories page. 

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