ParentsEvening: Add Split Parents to Send Invites


Steps to allow a split parent to receive invitations.


  1. Go to Split Parents.

  2. The Split Parents tab includes every parent who is not Priority 1 i.e., the first priority contact in the MIS. This will show:

    • Student Name: The name of the student the parent is related to.

    • Parent Name: The name of the parental contact.

    • Priority: Their order of priority as a contact.

  3. Use the filters under Split Parents to specify which contacts should show:

    • Student: All the contacts related to that student.

    • Parent: All the students related to that contact.

    • Year Group: All contacts with students in the selected year group(s).

    • Form: All contacts with students in the selected form(s).

  4. Tick the checkbox for the parent that you want to send invites to with the student they are being invited for.

  5. Click Save.

  6. This parent will appear in the Send Invites tab for any events that their student is involved in and will be saved for future events. Read our guide for more information: ParentsEvening: Send Invites to Parents.