ParentsEvening: Check the Outbox


Steps to check the outbox for sent invitations, booking confirmations and reminders.


  1. Go to Admin > Outbox.

  2. The Outbox tab will show delivery reports for sent or sending messages. This will show:

    • To: The mobile number and email address the message was sent to.

    • Subject: The subject of the email e.g., Parents Evening Reminder, Parents Evening Booking Confirmation.

    • Sent Time: The date and time that the message was sent to the parent’s mobile number or email address.

    • Create Time: The date and time that the message was generated in the system.

    • Status: The delivery status of the message.

      • Sent: The message has been sent successfully.

      • Enroute: The message is currently sending.

      • Pending: The message is waiting to send.

      • Failed: The message delivery was not successful. The address may be invalid.

        • Note: Hover your cursor over the Failed status to see the error reason.

    • From: The sender name that appears for the sent text or email. Read our guide for further information: ParentsEvening: Manage Invitation Templates.

  1. Use the filters under Sent and Sending Messages to specify which messages should show:


    • Message Type: Messages sent via SMS or Email. The default is All.

    • Recipient: Messages sent to a specific mobile number or email address.

    • During: The period for showing when messages were sent. The default is Today.


    • Sender: Messages sent by the sender ID used when it was sent.

    • Status:  Messages with the status Sent, Pending or Failed.

  1. Select a message and click View Message to see a copy of the text or email sent to the parent.

  2. Click Resend to send that exact message to the parent again if it had failed previously.

  3. Click Refresh to check current delivery statuses without needing to leave the page.