ParentsEvening: Export Students from ScholarPack


Steps to export a CSV file with student and parent data from ScholarPack.


  1. In ScholarPack, go to Admin > Config > Data Exports.

  2. Scroll down the drop-down menu to the section for Teachers2Parents.

  3. Select the SP_T2P_ParentsEvening_Students option.

  4. Click Generate Report download the CSV file.

  5. Once downloaded, open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel.

  6. In the Parental Responsibility column, you will need to change every cell with the number 1 to Y for Yes. If you do not, none of your parents will import into ParentsEvening.

    1. To do this in bulk, highlight the Parental Responsibility column.

    2. Hold the CTRL key and press F to open the Find and Replace window.

    3. Click on the Replace tab.

    4. In Find what, type 1.

    5. In Replace with, type Y.

    6. Click Replace All.

    7. This will automatically every instance of 1 in that column with Y. Click OK in the confirmation window and Close the Find and Replace window.

  7. Click Save and rename the file to include the school name.

  8. Read our guide to continue: ParentsEvening: Import Students and Parents.