ParentsEvening: First Name Not Recognised

This article describes the error when the booking page does not recognise the child’s name.

When a parent or user tries entering the child’s first name to book in a slot, but the following alert window appears:

There are several reasons that this error could occur:

  1. The child’s first name has been entered incorrectly.

  2. The child’s full name has been entered rather than their first name.

  3. The child’s preferred first name has been entered rather than their legal first name or vice versa.

  4. If done via Manually Book, the user may have selected the wrong child. Read our guide for further information: ParentsEvening: Manually Book Parents.

  5. If the child has a sibling whose first name does work, this child may not have been linked to their siblings. Read our guide for further information: ParentsEvening: Sibling Not Showing for Bookings.

  6. The first name that the child had when the event was created has been changed to a different name.

Confirm the first name of the student as it appears in ParentsEvening, ensure that you have selected (not ticked) the correct student, and enter that name into the booking page. If this works, advise the parent exactly what they should type in themselves or continue to make the booking yourself.

If this does not work, this is likely Cause #6. If the child’s first name was changed after the event was created, the booking page will still require the original name to be be entered. So, you will need to enter the original name to see this child’s bookings.