ParentsEvening: Import Siblings from SIMS


Steps to import a pre-made report into SIMS and use it export a CSV file with sibling data for ParentsEvening.

Instructions – Import the Report

  1. In ParentsEvening, go to Admin > SIMS Link

  2. Under Download SIMS Report Definition Files, click on Sibling Report Definition.

  3. In the window, select Save File and click OK to save it in your Downloads.

    • Note: You may need to move the file from Downloads depending on whether you can see that folder from SIMS.

  4. In SIMS, go to Reports > Import.

  5. In the Import window, click Open.

  6. Double-click on the SIMSSiblingReportV1.RptDef file where it is saved. It will appear in the Import window with the status Pending.

  7. Click Import and the status will change to Imported.

  8. Click Close.

Instructions – Export the CSV File

  1. In SIMS, go to Reports > Run Report.

  2. Expand the Focus folder.

  3. Select Student.

  4. Double click on sibling_data_export_v1.

  5. In the Export As window, click Browse.

  6. Enter a filename of your choosing and include .csv at the end.

  7. Choose a location to save the file on your computer and click Save. If you use Hosted SIMS, we recommend saving it in the ‘C on…’ drive which is your local C: Drive.

  8. In the Export As window, click OK.

  9. The last window will say that the file has been created. Click OK.

Instructions – Import the CSV File

  1. In ParentsEvening, go to Admin > CSV Import.

  2. Under Import CSV Files, click Sibling Import.

  3. Under Import Student Siblings, click Browse or Choose File.

  4. In the File Upload window, select the .csv file and click Open.

  5. Once uploaded, it immediately imports the data and then tells you how many siblings were linked.