ParentsEvening: Import Students and Parents


Steps to import a CSV file with your student and parent data into ParentsEvening.

Instructions – Create the CSV File
If your school uses one of the following MIS, read the relevant guide below then move to the next section. If not, continue to Step 1.


  1. In ParentsEvening, go to Admin > CSV Import.

  2. Under Download Example CSV File, click Student Example CSV.

  3. Fill in the CSV file with your student and parent data or export one from your MIS using the same fields.

  4. Save the CSV file with the school name.

  5. Continue to the next section.

Instructions – Import the CSV File

  1. In ParentsEvening, go to Admin > CSV Import.

  2. Under Import CSV Files, click Student Import.

  3. Under Import Student Data, click Browse or Choose File.

  4. In the File Upload window, select the CSV file > Open.

  5. The columns from the spreadsheet will appear on the page. Check that all the headings have the correct option selected in the drop-down menu.


  1. If any of the headings say Do Not Import This Column, the data in that column will not be imported. Select the corresponding heading from the drop-down to make sure it imports.



  1. Once you have checked all the fields, click Validate.

  2. You will usually receive a message stating that there are validation messages which appear under Validation Results. Click OK.

  3. If there are no red validation messages, then continue to the next step. If there are, check whether they indicate something is wrong with the data before continuing.

    • Note: A red validation message will likely mean that the import will require an authorisation. Read our guide for further information: ParentsEvening: Authorisation Code.

  4. Click Import.

  5. If there are students who have left the school between now and your previous import, there will be a confirmation window stating that they will be off rolled. Click Yes.

  6. You will see the Eduspot logo pulsing on screen to indicate it is importing. Once the logo disappears, refresh the page to return to Home.

  7. Go to Admin > Students to see your current student data in ParentsEvening.