ParentsEvening: Install the BW SIMS Link


Steps to install the BW SIMS Link v9 used for updating ParentsEvening from locally hosted SIMS.


  1. Go to Admin > SIMS Link.

  2. Under SIMS Link, right click Download the SIMS Link.

  3. Click Save link as…

  4. In the Save As window, go to This PC > C: Drive.

  5. Click New folder.

  6. Type BW SIMS Link as the file name.

  7. Open the folder and click Save.

  8. Once the Run BW SIMS Link 11.exe has downloaded, click Open.

  9. This will open the bw_sims_link_v9.exe window asking for credentials.

  10. In SIMS Username and SIMS Password, enter your login details for SIMS.

  11. In BW Username and BW Password, enter the login for ParentsEvening.

    • Note: If you do not have the login details, please contact our support team.

  12. In BW Pin, type in the pin for GB-11 (111) or GB-15 (151).

    • Note: To find out which pin you need, log into ParentsEvening and check the URL which will start with either gb11 or gb15.

  13. Click Settings.

  14. Untick Import Staff and Import Locations.

  15. Click Save & Close.

  16. Click Run.

  17. The BW SIMS Link will then automatically import the student data followed by the sibling data.

  18. Once complete, close the window.