SchoolMoney: Change Dinner Costs for SIMS Dinners


  • Steps on how to change the cost of school dinners.
Instructions – Manage Dinner Payment

The first place you will need to amend the cost is in the Manage Dinner Payment section. Before you do this, you must have set up / saved the week you want to amend first.

1. Go to the Admin tab. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Manage Dinner Payments icon.

2.  Select the week you have set up from the list ​(its best to use the Date due column as your guide to select the correct week).

3. In the bottom left click on Update Amounts.

4. From the Update Amount per Dinner pop-up box, amend the Amount per Child. Click Save.

Instructions  SIMS Dinners
If you use SIMS Dinners, you will need to change the cost of your dinner items.

1. Go to the Admin tab. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Dinner Items icon.

2. Double-click on a Dinner Item to open the Edit view.
3. Amend the cost from the Price field. Click Save. 

4. Repeat on other items as needed.