SchoolMoney: Copy Bookings in Club Register


  • Steps on how to copy bookings from the Club Register.
  • This feature allows previous bookings to be copied into FUTURE weeks.
1. From the top, navigate to the Club Register tab.
2. Use the Club Register and Date dropdown menu to choose the register you wish to move the marks into. Click Save from the bottom right corner.

3. Click Copy Bookings in the bottom right corner of your Club Register.

4. Use the Select Source Register dropdown menu to select the week that you need to copy the marks from.

  • Note: you will not be able to copy marks from a Source Register that is newer than your Club Register.
5. You also have the option to overwrite any bookings that may already be in the register.

6. When you are ready, click OK and your new register will be filled out with the relevant data.