SchoolMoney: Important Information on Refunds

  • A detailed explanation on how Refunds are processed via SchoolMoney and the caveats.
  • Read this guide before proceeding with any refunds. Guides on how to process a refund can be found at the bottom.
Important Information

  • Online refunds will take up to five working days to appear in the parent’s bank account. Offline refunds (Cash, Cheques) will not be processed by us, and should be issued within school.
  • If a trip or other activity has been paid in multiple instalments, you will need to refund each instalment separately by clicking into the Action menu next to each instalment.
  • If you refund a trip or other activity, the system will assume that the child is no longer attending and will automatically write off that amount. This means it will not be possible for the parent to pay again at a later date.
    • Note: If there is a chance that the situation may change or the parent may require a way to pay again in the future, we recommend using the option to Transfer to Credit follow this guide: [Refunding from Credit].  This will keep the original payment open.
  • If you are trying to refund a Shop Item, then you can do this via the Cashier tab. Please follow this guide: [Refunding from Cashier].
    • Note: Please be aware that the item may appear in the Show Unpaid / Uncollected list, if you have not yet marked it as collected.
  • If you see an error indicating there are not enough funds in the holding account to process an online refund, this means not enough money has been paid into that payment type this week (Monday-Sunday). As we do not have access to your bank account(s), the refund must come out of the money that is paid to you on a weekly basis. To resolve this error, you will need to either wait until parents have paid enough money for you to refund it online or refund it by cash / cheque.
  • It is not possible to cancel or undo a refund once you have processed it. Please take care when doing so.
  • There is no electronic refund route for payments made via Paypoint. If you wish to process a refund for a payment made using this method, you will need to use cash or cheque.