SchoolMoney: Importing Data via Wonde

  • Further information on how we import your data into SchoolMoney if you use another MIS.
When to use Wonde

  • If you’re not using SIMS as your MIS provider, we will need to import your data a slightly different way using a company called Wonde.
  • Wonde acts as a protective layer between schools and third party applications like SchoolMoney, only allowing the agreed information to be passed on from the school’s MIS.
  • Not only does Wonde provide a login area for schools to always see what data is used by third parties, but it also allows them to revoke access at any point, putting schools firmly in control.
  • To get the process started, please get in touch with us.
  • Wonde can be used with the following MIS providers:

Data Areas

  • Once the Wonde link has been setup for SchoolMoney, it will only currently import the following information:
    • Pupil Forename
    • Pupil Surname
    • Priority 1 Parent’s mobile number
    • Priority 1 Parent’s email address
    • Form and year group
    • Gender
    • Admission Number / UPN
  • Any further information, such as FSM eligibility dates and dietary information will need to be manually entered into SchoolMoney.
  • The Wonde import will not update changes instantly. Once a change is made in your MIS, it will take Wonde several hours to pick up the change, so as a rule, if you make a change in the morning, wait until the afternoon before you run the Wonde link.
Run Wonde Import Manually

  • You must run the Wonde import manually in order to update the information in SchoolMoney.
  • The ability to automatically run an import every day is not currently available.
  • To run the import:
    • Visit Eduspot and click Sign In from the top right.
    • Login to Teachers2Parents using your SchoolMoney username and password.
    • Click on Text Message Service.
    • Click on the Admin icon in the top right.
    • Click on the Wonde tab.
    • Click on Import Student Details from the bottom right.