SchoolMoney: Refund via Credit

  • Steps on how to process a refund via a pupil’s existing Credit via the Cashier tab.
  • Process credit / debit card refunds to any parents who have paid electronically via the system. If parents have paid via another means (Cheque, Cash, Voucher or Bank Transfer), you will need to process a manual refund and then record that on SchoolMoney.
  • Ensure you have read this guide before proceeding with any refund: SchoolMoney: Important Information on Refunds.
1. Go to the Cashier tab from the top.
2. Use the Type Student Here… dropdown menu to search for the relevant student.

3. In the top right corner, click onto the amount in the Parent In Credit By area, to be taken to the Manage Credits Window.

4. Click onto the credit that you would like to refund so the line is highlighted in grey.
5. Click Refund.

6. You will be asked to confirm the refund method, amount, and provide any notes / details if necessary. Please our guide for further steps: SchoolMoney: Confirming a Refund.
7. If the student has more than one credit that you would like to refund, repeat the above steps, as necessary.
8. When you have finished refunding, click Close from the bottom right.