SchoolMoney: Trip Outstanding Payments

  • Steps on how to use the Trip Outstanding Payments report from the Payments Overdue section.

1. Go to the Reports tab from the top.

2. Click on Trip Outstanding Payments under Payments Overdue.

3. The report will provide the following information:

  • The pupil information, i.e. Student Name, Form, Year Group, Gender.
  • How much they have paid towards the trip so far.
  • How much they still have left to pay.If the parent has given consent for the child to attend or not.

4. The dropdown menus from the top allow you to switch between payments that have been set up under the Trips payment type. You can also filter the report down by year/form/group.

5. The information in the top right of the report gives a breakdown of the amount paid, written off, and outstanding.