Teachers2Parents: Checking Text Delivery


Steps to look at your Delivery Reports for the text messages you have sent to your contacts.


  1. Go to Reports > Text Delivery.

  2. The Text Delivery tab is a permanent record of all text messages sent from Teachers2Parents. This will show:

    • Sent On: The date and time the text was sent.

    • User: The user who sent the text.

    • Message: The contents of the text.

    • Scheduled: If the text had been scheduled or not. Read our guide for further information: Teachers2Parents: Scheduling Text Messages.

    • Verification Link: If the text had Include Verification Link ticked when sent. Read our guide for further information: Teachers2Parents: Enable the Verification Link.

    • School Name: If the text had Include School Name ticked when sent.

  3. Use Filters to specify which Sent Messages should show:

    • Date: Texts sent in the Last 30 Days (default), sent in a specific month, or All for all sent messages.

    • Student: Texts sent to specific contacts.

    • Users: Texts sent by specific users.

    • Scheduled: Text that were scheduled or not.

  4. Double-click on a message or select it and click Open.

  5. This will open the Delivery Report Details window with the Message Recipients. This will show:

    • Sent: The date and time the text was sent to that specific recipient.

    • Name: The name of the contact it was sent to.

    • Mobile Number: The mobile number used for that contact.

    • Delivery Status: Whether text was sent successfully or not.

      • In Transit: The text will appear on the phone as soon as the phone is switched on or the phone has reception.

      • Delivered: The text has been successfully delivered.

      • Failed: The phone number is invalid, or the phone inbox is full.

    •  Verification ID: The unique ID used for the Verification Link.

    • Delivery Method: Whether the message was sent via SMS or the Teachers2Parents App.