Teachers2Parents: Error Code = 50%

This article describes the 50% error when importing new data into Teachers2Parents via CSV file.

When importing a CSV file, the following alert window appears:

When a new CSV file is imported into Teachers2Parents, the system compares the mobile numbers from the new file with the mobile numbers from the previous file. If it does not detect enough mobile numbers that match, this alert is triggered to prevent the file from being imported.

This is a security measure to avoid the wrong data being imported and overwriting your existing data.

Check your CSV file to confirm that it includes all the existing students in addition to new ones.

If you only include new students in a CSV file, you will always get Error Code = 50% as it will not be able to match any of the mobile numbers.

If this is not the cause or if you are deliberately importing an entirely new set of students, contact our support team to resolve this.