Teachers2Parents: View Student History


Steps to check the history of manual changes made to contacts in Teachers2Parents.


  1. Go to Admin > Contacts.
  2. Click on the View Student History icon:

  1. This Audit window is a permanent record of all manual changes made to a contact within Teachers2Parents. It will show:
    • Name: The name of the contact that has been added, edited, or deleted.
    • Actioned By: The user that made the change.
    • Action Date & Time: The date and time that the change was recorded.
    • Action: The details of the change that was made.

  1. Use theĀ Filter to specify which actions should show:
    • User: Show actions done by specific users.
    • Contact: Show actions done to specific contacts.
  2. Use the green arrow to scroll between pages which show a maximum of 50 actions.
  3. When finished, click Close.