Updating contacts with Xporter

If you are using Xporter to keep your contact details up to date in Teachers2Parents, your data updates overnight automatically. This means when you return after summer all the changes will show in Teachers2Parents as soon as they’re in your MIS – adding new intake, removing leavers, and updating Year and Form groups.

Xporter is easy to use and means you haven’t got to do anything to update Teachers2Parents in September. Here’s some extra tips to using Xporter:

Check your Xporter Status

To check the status of your Xporter sync you can go to Admin and select the ‘Xporter Setup’ tab. In this page you should see three green ticks to indicate Xporter is working correctly. This section also shows the time and date the last update ran.

Run the Xporter Sync

To manually trigger an update rather than waiting for an overnight sync you can go to Admin and select the ‘Xporter Setup’ tab. In the bottom left you’ll see a Sync Now button which you can press once an hour to update the details in Teachers2Parents yourself if you need to import some new changes straight away.

Xporter Settings

There are also some Settings on this page which you may want to consider before syncing, such as whether to import staff, students’ legal names etc.

Missing Data in T2P

If a contact or student won’t sync across from your MIS, ensure they have all of the following setup correctly:

  • A full first and last name
  • Parental Responsibility or equivalent
  • A parent priority ranking
  • The student must be on roll
  • A start date that has passed