User Highlights – September!

September is our busiest time of the year and due to the high volume of support enquiries, it may take our support teams a little longer than usual to get back to you. Please bookmark our support form for future reference so we can assist you as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget

End/Start of Year Process

  • Within our Help Centre, you will find walk-through guides and training videos covering the end of year processes and new academic year set up in detail. To access the Help Centre, log in to your system and navigate to the Information icon in the top right. To ensure all your data is being logged correctly before you start the new year, please make sure you’ve updated following:
  • Term Dates
  • Locations, Forms and Subjects
  • Timetable
  • Staff joiners and leavers
  • Real-Time Notifications and Automated Reports
  • Students

What’s new

XoD Integration

Say hello to XoD and Xporter. We are looking for these to replace your current integration method. Whether it be Wonde, SIMSlink or manual CSV uploads, XoD and Xporter have the capacity to replace them all. We strongly believe this is our best integration method yet as it brings several benefits:

  • Daily, automatic syncing – no more relying on whether your PC is running or need of clicking a button.
  • If you need to update your data asap, there’s a new Sync Now option that aims to update data within an hour.
  • New supported fields such as Pupil Premium, FSM, Ever6, In Care and Dual Nationality.
  • Direct integration with Community Brands UK, no more relying on your integration with third-party methods.
  • Further control over the scopes and data you want to share with us.
  • Enhanced student and staff matching, reducing any likelihood of student cross overs or duplicates.

You can complete most of this process yourself, it’s dead easy. First of all, get in touch with your friendly BehaviourWatch support team to enable the functionality in your system. Then all you have to do is go to Admin > Export and Import in BehaviourWatch, find the Xporter icon, then follow all the relevant prompts and onscreen instructions. Our aim is to make importing faster, more reliable and more secure – giving school’s much more control over their data.

Did you know?

  • 20% off all our Professional Services if purchased by the end of September. Any purchased services must be used in 2021.

Modular Access

  • We have made improvements to our system access management!
  • Modular Access is our new role-based access control method, enabling you to choose which modules you want to use, and letting you set these modules into your own standard role types for easy access management.
  • You may be used to our current method of navigation-based permissions, which is maintained from Admin with Manage Slip Access and Staff/Student Data Access. This new overhaul of system access and will provide you with a central hub to manage access via staff access templates/roles, rather than through multiple system areas as it requires at the present time. Ultimately this will make the process a lot smoother, easier to manage and a lot quicker for onboarding new users onto the system.
  • The switch to the Modular Access functionality is performed by your support team at your request and will make managing access much easier going forwards into the new academic year!

Help Centre

  • Within our Help Centre, you will find walk-through guides and training videos coving the End of Year process and new academic year set up in more detail. This is accessed through the Information icon in the top right of the system. Use this guide as required for assistance and let our support team know if you require any further assistance.