SchoolMoney: Create New Weeks for the Club Register

Steps on how to create additional weeks for your register.
1. To set up your week’s payment, you will need to go to the Club Register tab.
2. Select the club name from the first drop-down menu.

3. You will then need to change the date to the week you would like to set up. Click on the Date button and use the calendar pop-up to navigate to the correct week.
4. Once you have filtered correctly, click Save from the bottom right corner.

5. Once this has saved, press the F5 key along the top on your keyboard to refresh the system and send you back to the main Payments page where you will see the newly saved club week in the payments list.
6. Your payment has now been set up and is ready to use.

  • Note: you must set up your clubs on a weekly basis.

7. Once saved, you will need to turn your payments Online. Check out our guide: How To: Turn Payments Online.