SchoolMoney: Free School Meals


  • Steps on how to mark a child as FSM in SchoolMoney.
  • If you have the SIMS or XoD link, your FSM eligibility dates will come across automatically providing the information has been entered into your SIMS system correctly.
  • Free School Meals that are added to a child because of government eligibility, will need to be added onto SchoolMoney on a child by child basis.
1. Click on the Admin tab, then click on the Students icon.

2. Find the student you need and double click on their name. You can use the filters at the top of the page to narrow the list of results.

3. Tick the Free School Meals checkbox located towards the bottom of the Student Details page.

4. Two further boxes will appear: Entitlement Starts and Entitlement Ends. Add the entitlement date for the student.

5. Click the Save in the bottom right corner.
6. Now the student’s amount will always be 0.00 and they will appear as blue on the Dinner Register when ticked.
7. Repeat these steps for any other required pupils.