Logging in on Parents’ Evening

To access Parents’ Evening, go to https://teachers2parents.co.uk/ and log in with your username and password for the text messaging service. Select Parents’ Evening from the list of services. 

The Parents’ Evening system opens in a new window so you may want to maximize the screen by clicking the middle icon on the top right of your screen. 

You will see the tabs for Parents’ Evening, Send Invites, View Schedule, Missing Contact Details, Parents Who Have Not Booked, View Attendance, Invitation Template, Split Parents and Create/Edit Groups. 

Some of these tabs may be on a second page and can be found by clicking the black arrow or numbers in the top right of the screen. 

In the top right, you have some icons. Parents’ Evening (create and manage an event), Admin (account setup), Help (with user manuals and remote support), and Logout (where you can exit the system).