Parents’ Evening – Missing Contact Details

This list shows which parents are missing contact details in your system. This is split into missing mobile numbers and missing email addresses. 

If they are unable or unwilling to provide them, you can print off a paper slip for them instead, but remember you can then use the manual booking feature in the ‘Send Invites’ tab to book them in yourself. 

Use the filters at the top to organise by Event, Student, Form, Class, Year Group, and Parent. 

Print Slips 

To print off a paper copy of your invite for these parents, tick the box beside the parents’ names. Then click the ‘Print Slips’ button in the bottom left to open a window with a print preview of the invite. Click ‘Print’. 

Print/Export List 

You can print a list of the students missing contact information or export it in the form of a downloadable CSV file. This can then be used by you to know which parents to contact to update your records.