Parents’ Evening Video | Parent Guide

Parents’ Evening Video is an addition to Parents’ Evening. This system allows schools to host parents’ evenings over a safe and secure video platform, which reduces the need for in-person events. 

Guidance for Parents 

Once you have received your invitation to virtual parents’ evening, you will be able to book your session times as normal. You will receive a link to the video event before it starts, and when you click this link, you’ll be taken to a webpage. On this page, to join the current session, both you and the teacher must click the Join Call button. Only once both parties have clicked this button the video conference will begin.  

Top Tip: before you start a video call, we recommend that you check your network along with your microphone and camera settings. 

  • You can enable/disable your audio and video before joining the call, or during the call, using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. 
  • The call can be ended at any time during the session by either party. If this happens accidentally, the call can be re-joined, provided it is still within the current session. 
  • Parents or teachers can share their screen by clicking the Share Screen button. This feature is a great way to showcase pupils’ work, grades, or anything else the other party may want to see. This feature is not currently available on iPhone or iPad. 
  • To enlarge the other person’s window, simply click on it. 

How to book your virtual meeting slot 

Please see our guide to learn how to book your slot once you receive your parents’ evening invitation.