ParentsEvening: Manually Book Parents


Steps to book in a time slot on behalf of a parent.


  1. Go to Send Invites.

  2. Select the relevant student and parent > Manually Book.

    • Note: Do not use the checkboxes when manually booking slots as the system will only recognise the student you selected, not ticked.

  1. In the Parental Login window, enter the student’s first name > Confirm.

    • Note: It will show the student's name in the web address if you need to double-check it.

  1. The Booking Options page will show the student’s name, teacher’s name, and the form/group in the event. Click Please Choose for the event you are booking a slot for.

  1. Click Book for the slot in the required date and time.

  1. The Book Slot window will confirm the booking details and allow you to leave a note for the teachers. Click Book again.

  1. You will return to the main booking window which will show the time that had been selected.

  1. Close the window.