SchoolMoney: Mark the Dinner Register


  • Steps on how to mark the Dinner Register.
  • The cost of each dinner week will be generated from the marks you input into the dinner register.
  • Manually marking the register can be done either by admin staff who mark the register in the office according to paper registers, or by teachers who can mark the meals directly onto the dinner register in their classrooms.
1. Go to the Dinner Register tab from the top.


2. Use the Filters to show the correct class or year group that you wish to locate the Dinner Register for.

3. To mark off the meals for that day, click into the box for each child who has had a meal. Boxes can be selected in advance and removed at a later time if required. Students who are absent can be left blank.

  • Note: To mark all students at once, go to step 6.
4. Once clicked, the box will be filled in with a colour. The colour key can be found in the top right corner.


5. Once the boxes for the pupils have been selected, click Save from the bottom right corner. This will save the marks into the register and calculate the costs that are owed in the columns on the right of the Register.
6. To mark off all students with their set preferences in one go, click on the relevant weekday box from the top of the Register.

  • ​​​​​Choose Select All to mark off all students on the register. You will not have this option available if you use Cashless Catering.
  • Save in the bottom right corner.
  • Note: This box also allows you to set days as HolidaysInset Days and School Trips, for times you wish to keep the register blank.