Updating Staff Contacts

Staff contacts do not currently sync from your MIS along with your student/parent contacts. So, if you have had any changes to your staff, these need to be updated manually in Teachers2Parents (syncing staff will soon be possible through our Xporter on Demand integration).

How do I add new staff contacts to Teachers2Parents?

  1. In Teachers2Parents, click the Admin icon
  2. Select the Contacts tab
  3. Click Add
  4. Enter the first name & surname in the Name field
  5. Select Staff / Other
  6. In the 1st Mobile field, enter the mobile number after +44, ensuring to omit the leading zero and any spaces
  7. In the 1st Email field, enter the email address (optional)
  8. Tick Staff in the Group list
  9. Click Save

How do I delete old staff members who have left the school?

In the Contacts tab in Admin, you just need to tick the checkbox for any staff members you wish to remove and then click Delete in the bottom right corner.

See article: Add Staff Members