ParentsEvening: Export Students from Pupil Asset


Steps to export a CSV file with student and parent data from Pupil Asset.


  1. Go to Admin > Export.

  2. Click CSV format in the menu of the left.

  3. Click on Choose columns.

  4. In Pupil Columns, tick the following fields:

    • UPN / Legal Forename / Legal Surname / Date of Birth

  5. In School Columns, tick the following fields:

    • Year Group / Class / Start Date

  6. In Export, tick the following fields:

    • Parent Title / Parent Forename / Parent Surname / Parent Mobile / Parent Email

  7. Click Choose these columns at the bottom in red.

  8. Click Generate CSV.

  9. Click Export as CSV to download the file.

  10. Once downloaded, open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel.

  11. Add a new column called Parental Responsibility and enter Y into each cell for Yes.

  12. Save the file and rename it ti include the school name.

  13. Read our guide to continue: ParentsEvening: Import Students and Parents.