Teachers2Parents: Sending Emails


Steps to create and send emails.


  1. In Email, click on the Select Message drop-down menu.

  1. Select Type your Own to compose the entire contents of the message yourself, or a Message Templates to use a pre-existing message for your email. Read our guide for further information: Teachers2Parents: Add, Edit, and Delete Message Templates for Email.
  2. If you are typing your own message or editing a template:
  3. Include a Subject for the email.
  4. Write the contents of your email in the main text box.
  5. Use the tool bar to format your message exactly as you require it e.g., bold, italics underlining, font size, type, numbered lists, images etc.

  1. You can attach up to five files to an email and their combined file size can total up to 10MB. To upload files to the email:
  2. Click Attach File > Choose File or Browse > select the file > Open.
  3. Once uploaded, you will see the file name on screen:

  1. You can click on the filename to see a preview of the attachment.
  1. Once you have selected or created your message, click on the Select Contacts drop-down menu.

  1. This menu provides you with several options for selecting your contacts:
    • Select Search for Contact to create a search bar where you can type in the name of the intended recipient and click Go to find them automatically.
    • Select All Students to provide a list of all contacts with Contact Type set as Parent. This will not include any contacts set as Staff / Other.
    • Select a Year Group to show all contacts who belong to that year group.
    • Select a Form to show all contacts who belong to that registration group.
    • Select a Group/Class to show all contacts who belong to that manual group/class.
  2. Click Add or double-click on the contact to move them to the send list below. If you want to include everyone from the contact list, click Add All.

  1. Click Send Email.
  2. The preview will show the number of recipients selected and the number of email addresses that will receive the email. Click OK.

  1. You will see a window confirming it has been sent. Click OK.
  2. To view the status of the message, read our guide for further information: Teachers2Parents: Checking Email Delivery.