Changes over summer

Are you aware of any upcoming changes to your MIS, school server, or office computers? These potentially could affect updating Teachers2Parents and prevent your academic rollover from happening in September. If you are aware of any such forthcoming changes, we strongly recommend you read this section to avoid disruption at the start of the new academic year. 

Changing your Management Information System (MIS)? 

If you are changing your Management Information System, you will need to update your integration with Teachers2Parents. 

If you are moving from SIMS and are still using our Simslink to update your contacts, we would need to move your sync over to our partner, Wonde. It usually takes a few days to complete this connection, and during September this process could take far longer. A request to share data through Wonde can be submitted ahead of changing your MIS, so the groundwork is complete by the time you switch. 

If you are currently using Wonde to update your contacts in Teachers2Parents and are due to change your management system over the summer, you will need to inform Wonde of this change, so they can begin migrating your data sync to the new MIS. Then, contact us before importing the new data, to ensure a smooth transition. 

Changing or moving your SIMS Server? 

If you have a dedicated SIMS server onsite at your school and are aware of any plans to move or update it, this could stop your contacts from updating if you use our Simslink to synchronise your data. 

Once the work has been completed on the server, we recommend testing the Simslink. If it is not able complete an update, contact support as early as possible to ensure a quick response. 

If you are currently using Wonde to update Tachers2Parents, you may need to inform them of this change. 

Updating Windows or getting new computers? 

If you use our Simslink to synchronise contacts from SIMS and are having computers in the school office replaced or the Windows operating system updated, this will remove your Simslink and stop your updates. 

Again, We recommend this is done before the start of the academic year so you can beat the September rush if you need our assistance.