T2P End of Year User Guide

As the academic year draws to a close and you begin to look forward to a well-earned summer holiday, at Teachers2Parents we begin planning for your return in Autumn. 

The summer is often when change to school equipment and system maintenance happens which can disrupt using our service. Also, after having such a long break, you may need extra guidance with getting Teachers2Parents up and running again. So, we have compiled this guide to help ease you back into the start of the new school year, and help you avoid any interruptions. 

The support team will be here to help if you still need us, but we will undoubtedly see large volumes of calls during the Autumn Term. Therefore, we highly recommend that you read this guide now to beat the rush back to school. 

Choose the chapters below as required: 

We hope you find this guide helpful with managing and updating the Teachers2Parents system at the start of your new Academic Year. If you still need any assistance, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help! 

When September arrives, we will work to resolve your support enquiries as fast and effectively as possible but please be patient with us. Also, our support website provides a comprehensive list of articles that could assist you with everything else you may need help on with Teachers2Parents. 

Telephone: 0207 237 8456