Updating Contacts from your MIS with Wonde

Wonde is compatible with most management systems including the following: 

  1. SIMS 
  1. Arbor 
  1. Bromcom 
  1. ScholarPack 
  1. Pupil Asset 
  1. Integris 
  1. Progresso 
  1. Facility CMIS 

If you use any of these, you likely will already be set up with our Wonde link to update Teachers2Parents. 

Updating with Wonde

Follow these instructions to update from your MIS using Wonde

Setting up Wonde

If you are not using Wonde yet, please contact us now to start the process of setting that up with you. 

Like ourselves and other school service providers, Wonde will receive a significant increase in calls from September and the process of setting up the integration could take longer than expected. To avoid disruption with importing your data, we strongly advise getting this ready now, before you break for summer.