Managing Contacts Manually

Managing New Contacts

If you update Teachers2Parents manually, follow these instructions to add, update or remove contacts.

Managing Staff Contacts

Staff contacts do not currently import from your MIS, so they must be added, edited, and removed manually. Follow these instructions to add new staff members, or use the instructions above to update/delete existing ones.

Managing Separated/Second Parents

In situations where families do not live together, follow these instructions to add separated parents so that you can text or email them as well.

Updating whole Year Groups/Forms for End of Year

You only need to do this if you do NOT import from a management system, such as SIMS, or import contacts using a CSV file. This option is only necessary if you MANUALLY edit your contacts in Teachers2Parents.

To move all the students in your students up into their next year group and form (and remove the year group leaving the school), follow these instructions.