Teachers2Parents: Report Doesn’t Contain Any Year Groups

This article describes an error with the report used for the SIMS Link v44.

When the SIMS Link v44 is running, the textbox changes to show the following error message: Report doesn’t contain any year groups.

It will then count down and close automatically without completing the update.

This indicates issue with the A_T2P_StudentContacts_v44 report in SIMS, preventing it from exporting the student data needed for Teachers2Parents.


  1. In SIMS, go to Reports > Design Report > Open an existing report.
  2. Expand the Focus folder > Student > right-click A_T2P_StudentContact_v44Delete.
  3. Close all pages inside SIMS.
  4. Run the SIMS Link v44.
  5. It will automatically detect that the A_T2P_StudentContacts_v44 report is no longer in SIMS and import a new copy to complete the update.